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Fire Sale (Literally)

yuuupp.... the SSC Bus caught fire


CCM'd Midblock Black Magic

Got her 2 weeks ago, took off the e-junk
Called up mel, ordered a pump kit and at kit
Had the 86 layin around (never seen the field)

-CCM EZ Grip
-CCM 86* Frame
-WGP Karni Reg
-WGP Karni Clamping Feed
-Stock Everything Else
-Ion ASA (it matches!)

$400 Shipped USA
Chrono'd to 300fps, was a little farty....


SSC Window 2k Vert Feed
-CCM Econo Pump Kit
-Mystery Reg
-WGP 1.5 Finger Frame
-Milled Body
-Ego8 Feedneck Ready (dont have one right now)

Chrono'd at 300fps +/- 2 on 11/15

$165 Shipped USA


Right Feed 2k Cocker
Angeled Vert ASA
Gloss Blue Benchmark Slider
WGP Economy Kit
Needs an ASA and Reg

$70 Shipped USA


Custom SSC T2 Uppertube

Made from a 2k3 Vert Feed
Ego8 Feedneck ready
Brass Detent
Ready for some ano!

Price: $30 Shipped USA

All prices are OBO, shipped PRIORITY w/ Confirmation
International Shipping is $10
All guns can be chrono'd again
Seriously... no trades... bus is gone, im out $3,750


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