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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
and don't dodge the issue. bounces are painful, don't delete that out. let it be known. you're trying to be informative. be content with the fact that not everyone can tolerate this sport or think of this sport the way you would prefer them to think, just let all the info out and let them decide for themselves, otherwise it will be nothing but propaganda which will drive even more people away.
I was being a bit facetious in my original post. However, I think the description should read more like:

Bounce: When a paintball hits a player but does not break. When playing on most fields, a bounce does not count as an elimination. These tend to hurt a little more as the energy of the paintball is absorbed by the player since none of it is expelled by the splattering of the ball. However, most players don't mind as it means they get to stay in the game.
Be truthful, but put a positive spin on it.
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