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MQ2 Low Velocity

Hey Guys ,I have a Series 6 CCM with MQ2 Valve that has issue obtaining velocity.Its equipped with a CP V1 Regulator (Flat Sides Bottom Input via a Straight Fitting) and powered by an E2 Board/Frame.

I reached 220 FPS before the relief valve started to leak bored matched with an iFit to 685.If I increased pressure ignoring the relief valve ,eventually the poppet would stick open and leak a little air down the barrel but this would go away if I reduced pressure back to where the relief valve would seal up.

Recently I replaced the noid pilot spring with a fresh unit.Research said the MQ1 and 2 Springs were the same ,sourced from CSC Stock # II-21
OD (in) 0.234
ID (in) 0.202
Free Length (in) 0.380
Rate (lbs/in) 3.600
Sugg. Max Defl. (in) 0.290
Sugg. Max Load (lbs) 1.000
Solid Length (in) 0.090
Wire Dia. (in) 0.016
Total Coils 4.500
Material Music Wire
Ends Closed
Finish Zinc

PS:I have 40 of the god damn things since that was the min #.If anyone wants some LMK and I will gladly ship some out for cost.

Son is 4
Fresh 9V
Pressure Before Leak 200 PSI
The poppit is lighty lubed with 33.
I'm running a DRG seal with a fresh poppet spring as well.]
Spacer Installed
Valve Body Seal and Setscrew are installed.
The Pilot seal was recently flipped

I also have an E1 Board I'm going to swap in to give me an increased SON Range but I see most pumps can run 4.0 with no issues.

I have a 2 Liter I can swap in as well ,I have a feeling I Just don't have enough post regulated air and by the looks of it the 2 Liter holds more post regulation.

My Other Theories
Poppet Lubrication Needed?
Noid Pilot Spring Wrong Weight? (Can someone confirm they are the same spring in the MQ1)
Valve Body Seal Not Sealing?

Feel free to Chime in as I have a week today to have it running.
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