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Played on some of the newer maps on Team DM and I'm not impressed - the maps tested in alpha were fine - one of the new maps is atrocious.

It's light has a dark brown hue, like lots of rusted metal (not bad but feels flat).
It's basically a series of rooms, mostly with little obstacles inside, separated by choke points and narrow passages.
Fights devolve into two teams lobbing projectiles at each other with little room to dodge, and if you want to bypass the choke point and hit their flank it takes way too long.
Worst map in the game by far.

One other map is used for both Rocket and DM and it's very vertical, but has quite a bit more workable cover. It's less bad, but still feels like it's not designed for the Hawken mech movement. I don't like the jump pads and the inability to dodge mid-air - the predictability and slowness at the end of that trajectory is often a death trap.

There are other things that make me not want to play the game -

The matchmaking is terrible - I hate not being able to select specific servers as an option, and that there is no team queue yet.
The game keeps warning me that if I leave a room it's counted as a loss (where?) even after putting me with a team playing the final seconds of a match and losing.
I want options - perhaps I have the time to wait for a brand new match, perhaps someone that can't wait should take the risks.

Numbers - where are they? There used to be numbers showing weapon damage - gone. There should be a window in the garage showing ALL the stats of your mech/pilot and how each item alters them.
They intentionally keep the stats hidden, not shown even as an advanced-view option. Why?!

The item that creates ghost-indicators on radar shouldn't be in the game.
There is no counter to it, no action that is forced - you just suffer the effect if you walk into it's huge AoE and the device is too easy to hide (or replace if by some bad luck it's found).

It's a good example of many other instances of bad design decisions around an otherwise great concept - mindless items and consumables that don't offer any choices or require thinking. The consumables (that you get stacks of 15 at the start and cost an arm and a leg to use) provide big advantages in higher level fights without requiring any pilot input. For example - the EMP immunity just fires off automatically when you get hit by one. Sure it's once per death, but an EMP often means death anyway.

The other thing that bothers me is the way they are asking for money - feels like the microtransactions nickle and dime you like the worst examples of that system. It's an MP only game that isn't a monopoly over the game type, so it's price should be around $20.

Hawken costs $10 per month to play with an XP or Coin boost, and $20/month for both.
It should have been $5/month each at most, making "premium". or both, $10/month.

Mech prices seem fine right now, at $5 per, but then you discover that gameplay related customization options add to the cost, and unlocking from within the game slow.

Then there are the prices on changing the looks... but that's where such a game should earn some profit so I don't mind that too much. Still it would be nice if the price range started from Cents before progressing to Dollars - especially considering many similar unlocks are still per-mech and not per-account.

What bothers me the most though is not the price - but the bad/mediocre new maps and some of the mindlessness in the consumables and special items.

Hope that's resolved by "Release", whenever that may be.

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