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Alleys - I learned the layout after the first match, it's that simple and dumbed down compared to the others. It's a Heavy-Camper's dream, or a nightmare if your team is made up of lemmings who just charge into the other group of choke-point campers.

I play mostly Missile, just tried some T-DM today.

There's no problem with TV-Mech, since it's basically an Assault.
My only gripe is that I can't equip the Flak (shotgun), the Assault/SMG is basically the same weapon type, and the Vulcan unlock is at the 25 level cap.
I do find the coolant ability quite useless, since overheating with such weapons is often "doing it wrong" anyway.

I saw a Scout player go 25:2 in a match, then 12:3 in the next as opponents started hunting for him, because of how ridiculous a well played TOW+Flak can get.

I want to unlock the HE Grenade or EMP to have an offensive item: 3800 coins each or 432 meteor (~ $4, and I was mistaken, the price of each Mech is ~$7.5 base).

Unboosted account gains are about 100 points per win, putting it above 40 matches to get one such item unlock (or wait 80 matches and get a different Chassis?).
Again, it's not that I don't want to pay at all - I just feel like the price for such an unlock should have been $1-2 at most, not 4, and the price of each Chassis should be $3-4, not 7.

A game like World of Tanks can get away with being horribly overpriced because it's a unique title and a monopoly - there is no competition for that player-base yet.
A game like Hawken has many competitors with very similar game styles.

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