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Just an FYI about your listing:

2.1) Paypal Fees and Gifting - You can not ask for fees to be paid by the seller. Fees are a cost of doing business. To get exactly $50, search for paypal fee calculator in a search engine, and ask for the amount that would give you $50 after fees. Buyers will not pay for fees. Gifting is also not allowed. If at any point a seller asks the buyer to send money as a gift, they will be banned. Never, NEVER, never send money as a gift. Gifting means you gave the money freely, so if no product is sent, there is no recourse from the buyers point of view. If paypal finds out you lied about the gift, it's the buyer that gets banned, not the seller. In gifting the buyer takes all responsibility, and therefore the buyer should NEVER gift.

Nice PMI II! I'm sure it won't last long. GLWS.
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