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I really liked the Trracer but I bought it knowing it had a breach cut for FS rounds and hints of a FS magazine.

Unfortunately the FS magazine never happened and Empire doesn't plan on doing anything more with this round since it is made by Tiberius Arms.

So Empire doesn, t find the FS round inportant yet DYE, MilSig, and RAP4 are all making mag fed markers for a round made by Tiberius arms and have put a lot of R&D into them. The DYE DAM is an amaizing looking marker and very tempting comming from a company that makes efficient speedball markers.

Hmmmm.... too bad for Empire, they had a great pump setup in the Trracer.

Unfortunatly after shooting FS rounds through my T8.1 with Hamerhead barrel, I seriously feel this is the rout for limited paint since I had many more eliminations running FS rou ds vs regular paint. They just shoot so straight, fast, and accurate! Went head to head with another pistol and when I heard him fire I had enough time to quickly move my head and watch the paintball barely miss my lens. He on the otherhand mentioned that the FS round hit his mask*almost the same time he heard me fire. I also did a head shot from 250+ft away I. 2 shots using just the basic sites on my pistol. I was aiming for his body and due to it being the first time using FS rounds I raised the barrel too much.

FYI I blew through a 100 round box in 2 games but towards the end those last 3 magazines were almost at a one shot per elimination! I love this stuff! If I get Fixxer's rail on top and mount a better sight I know I would shoot a lot less rounds due to the added accuracy. You can only be so accurate at range using pistol harx sites. LOL
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