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This is the basic setup, not really conventional, I have it set up this way for convenience mainly. I switch up the exercises every 5-6 weeks to help prevent plateaus, like switch from barbell to dumbbell, or free weights to machines.

Shoulders/Traps/Legs Monday
Shoulder press: 5x5
Dumbbell laterals: 3x12
Shoulder press machine: 1 set to failure
Barbell shrugs: 3x8
Prone leg curls: 3x12 or 3 pyramid sets
Hack squats: 3x5
Leg Press: I set to failure

Accessory Tuesday
BTB forearm curls: 3x10
Hack squat calves: 1 set w/slow neg to failure, 1 set to failure
Ab machine: 3x12
Leg raises: 3x15
Reverse pec deck: 3x12
Cardio: 20min

Chest/Arms Wednesday
Incline bench: 5x5
DB bench: 3x8
Pec deck: 2x15
Closegrip smith: 5x5
Wide EZ curls: 5x5
Cabe tri extensions: 2x10
Reverse curls: 2x12
Tricep pushdowns: 2x15
Preacher curls: 2x15

Back Friday
Widegrip pulldowns: 5x5
Closegrip pulldowns: 3x12
Straight arm pulldowns: 2x15
Barbell rows: 5x5
Cable rows: 3x12
Deadlifts: 1 set 12reps, 1 set 6reps
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