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I have a pair of Feiyue's and will likely buy another pair. The soles did wear out fast, but they were $15 on Amazon and have good ground feel, are inconspicuous in a work environment and a cheap minimalist shoe. I don't think they would tolerate a woodsball game though. I'd imagine they wouldn't have too much grip and might tear up.

As for ankle support/military boot etc. a couple things came to mind.

Minimalist & Barefoot Shoe Guide ZERO DROP

"Roman Caligae Sandals -- Why not go really pre-modern, like nearly 2,000 years back in time. Roman legionaries often fast-marched 20 miles a day in their flat sandals while carrying heavy battle gear. An old-time British leather-maker by the name of Brian Woodward makes these distinctive sandals. Take special note of these sandals, all you toga-wearing Bay-to-Breakers runners."

For a zero drop winter shoe I have been wearing Oetzi trooper boots and I like them a lot. Oetzi3300 Troop Boot Review
I wear them without the insoles. You can feel the stitching of the neoprene boot inside up the middle of your foot but it doesn't really bother me. I recently bought a pair of their shoes, but the neoprene boot does not extend to the bottom of the shoe and they are very uncomfortable without an insole as you are basically standing on the inverse of the sole pattern.

I dragged up this old thread because I remembered seeing it a couple days ago and didn't get to read it. Since then my foot has REALLY started bothering me (I think it is Plantar Fasciitis.) I had been wearing my Doc marten shoes a lot and I'm not sure if that is what bothered my foot. I have just gone back to the Oetzi's and I'm hoping it helps. I am also now reconsidering purchasing VFF's after reading this thread. I started looking into zero drop shoes due to knee pain and it has helped greatly. I'm not sure if I want to go as radical as VFF's or if I want to go with something tamer like Vivo Ra's or something. Price is an issue though.
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