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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
This is true, and I think if the OP didn't come on here just to promote his channel, He would've noticed. I'm not a wolf hater and I actually like his videos, but clearly the guy is just here to get subscribers and that's all he ever does on here [I'm not sure about most forums] but many of the threads he starts he doesn't even say anything.

I'm sorry if I'm coming across as some sort of hater, unworthy of MCber person, I just feel that it isn't the right thing to use these forums for personal gain and not actually participate in anything.
Ouch, my toes hurt... Oh wait, you were talking about wolf... right?...

Making "money" off a youtube channel is very hard to do... I finally got to the threshold where they pay you after 3 years and just like most other youtubers, they kicked my account for "possible" invalid clicks... Not that I had any, just the possibility.

Trust me, there is NO money in paintball videos. Guys that make content do it for the love of the game, and capturing their kills, and sharing. Posting on here and other forums is a way to show others their (non paid) hard work...

I have spent thousands on gear to produce my weak videos. Sometimes you make one that you feel is better than just the regular "video" thread... So you post a thread for discussion. Personally, I think a good video showcasing something is much better than just describing it in words. Course I love film, so maybe that is just me...

Making online video content is rough business, so many haters out there, so many guys don't even bother putting their stuff out there on forums. They just make it and leave it on youtube. But, I know for a fact, you can really drive views if you post it all over, and if the video is good... Tons more will follow. Good video of our sport only helps grow the sport. Too bad there is so much bad video that it is hard for the fans to find the good stuff...
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