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Question at-10 question...

Anyone ever carry one as a side arm?

Ok here is the scenario. My buddy wants me to goto a large game with his team in Michigan at the end of july(i think is @ hell survivors - monster game.). He wants me to run around with my dsg but I was thinking i wouldnt mind some ats power on my side if i need it in a pinch. But i was thinking a small tank on a remote with the marker in a holster on my leg/hip.

I would like the marker to already have the mag in while it is in the pouch.... so that means I need a large odd shaped pocket for it. Ideas? Or anyone know of one already made?

I am thinking this will be a custom project... good thing i dont have time!

btw sorry for my poor grammar/English.. its late and this post isnt for any of my prof's. :P
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