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Damn. I wrote a long whole reply, but accidentally refreshed the page...

To sum up what I said. Get Vibrams. If you love being barefoot, there is no substitute.
I have had my first pair for at least 2 year and they held up great. I just got my new pair because the old ones where finally falling apart. The big toe ripped and the sole was coming unglued from individual toes. Again, that was after rough use, including dirt and trail running, weight lifting, and just in general rigorous use.

Just when you do get them, start off running slowly. One mile at first, if that. You will feel it. Listen to your body, when you feel you are recovered enough, do another mile, maybe just a tad longer. Pretty quickly you will recover quicker and then can begin doing longer distances.

Let me know if there is any other question I can answer for you.
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