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Originally Posted by shibyman View Post
Hey Ryan,
Have you used the Flasc 2 barrel kit for phantom's or know anyone that has? I'm either needing my stock phantom barrel freak bored by you or get the flasc kit. There might be a couple other guys from the moongobbies or OKC that may want barrels freaked as well. Let me know if you would want them all dropped off at the same time. I'll need my phantom barrel for outlaws and lawdogs on the 30th so let me know if you could do it by then. I'm in camas so drop off with cash will be easy. 360-553-2828 to get a hold of me.
i've had 1 phantom with a flasc kit, i never shot it, i just used the freak bored matching barrel instead

the only way i can 100% guarantee them done before new years is to get them this weekend, and i'll have them done wed or thursday

im in oregon city til late tomorrow night

oh and cant check fb until im off work at 6-7ish
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