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bacci has old ones, although I'd just buy a new cci bucket changers (go through mike, but lots and lots of other online store sell them too, especially if they also sell phantoms/other cci stuf). 20-30 is what you're looking at for a new cci bucket. these days I think they're the industry standard, one came with my '12 ghost and another with the 3 thumpers I have (although the ones on the thumpers have poor ano quality compared to cci and lapco finish ones).

level changers are slightly more hard to find. saw an AGD Micro CA II, like the working 100$ one I bought from bacci, on ebay this morning. didn't notice the price though (maybe like 90$?). line si type changers also come up once in a while, as do six packs - although the latter can cost you like 400 easy...
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