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Dell Latitude D610 Laptop (2GB Ram, 100GB HD, Intel M) running Ubuntu F/S - $75!

Hey all,

Up for sale today is a Dell D610 laptop I have around here, and I really don't need it anymore.

The Good:
- Running Ubuntu 12.04 long-term release with all recent updates
- The system runs quite quickly. (gotta love Linux)
- All major peripheral components are working well (HD, ram, disk drive, wifi, etc.)
- Upgraded 100GB harddrive and 2GB Ram
- Replacement components are cheap and plentiful if ever needed.
- Ubuntu is better than ever - comes pre-loaded with some great software in addition to a storefront for apps (pictured below). Comes with Office software compatible with Microsoft Office (also pictured below). Don't be intimidated if you've never used a Linux system - this is EXTREMELY intuitive and easy to learn.
- Will include a fabric carrying bag if asking price is met.

The Bad:
- Occasionally throws a BIOS time-setting error; probably could use an update. A quick restart usually takes care of any issues though.
- Gets quite warm; never been able to get it to shut down due to overheating though (which it is capable of doing). Works best on a table top as the major fan outlet is on the bottom of the laptop.
- The battery is shot; needs the charger to be plugged in for the laptop to run. An aftermarket battery can be sourced from eBay or Amazon for under $20 shipped.

All that said, the pictures:

I'm looking for $75 OBO, shipped anywhere in the US.

Any questions, please ask, and thanks for looking!
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