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The Apocalypse

Hello everyone and welcome to the apocalypse! It's a beautiful one this morning isn't it? Now, if this is your first time playing DO NOT be alarmed. Remember, any blunt object can be used as a weapon and to start you off, look to your right! The first item you find will be your starting weapon. Remember there are no respawns, unless of course you are mortally wounded by zombies in which case you'd contract a special virus that will qualify you for one, and only one respawn! In which case your weapon selection diminishes quite rapidly!! For those of you who've prepped for this day now is a good time to crawl out of your bunkers and safehouses and begin your adventure. For all the rest of you, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Thanks for joining! Remember: if it bleeds you can kill it, if it breaths you probably can't trust it. As a note to you all, any money you've accumulated over the years is now worthless. Any and all who desire to spend money can pm me for my paypal address and I will happily receive any and all donations for the apocalypse fund. In which you will receive a random tip and or hint for your survival, or a clue from the crossword newspaper next to me.

Let me say thank you again for joining me on this adventure, and as well I pray the comeraderie of the people will prove beneficial in this time of humanity's declination. If you are from the future and are still a bit woozy from stepping out of the time tunnel, this message won't do you any good anyway.

Have fun during your stay in the apocalypse!

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