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Hope that clears that up.

I've been thinking about this marker more and more, and what tripped the latest thought was someone selling an '04 Prostock 'cocker for $120. Back in 2004, the Prostock was the base model 'cocker and ran for, if I remember correctly, about twice what the eNMey is going for. For the money you got something a lot heavier, without a clamping feedneck (or even that low of a feedneck), touchy pneumatics that needed regular attention, and something that was inherently louder, but admittedly a platform that could be infinitely upgraded and modified to suit your needs. Now GoG is offering the eNMey - mechanical that's fast, quiet, light, has a clamping fairly midrise feedneck, and while not as upgradeable or modifiable as the 'cockers, still plenty of aftermarket options from the line, starting with its great-grandpappy, the Ion. The only downfall I can see is that with all of the plastic in the eNMey, you're not getting the same durability you get from an all aluminum body marker like the Prostock, but that's the price you pay for lightness.

It still amazes me, all of the technological advancements in markers since I started playing in the mid to late '90's. Of course, my first marker was a Tippmann Model 98 Custom, and for the time was the height of low-end marker options - light, upgradeable to the stars, clamping feedneck (though not center feed), and only $150 when it first came out. Sadly, the M98's have always been louder than some real steel firearms I have in my gun safe. Can't complain, as The Anvil (the name for that first M98C I still have in my collection to this day) is as reliable as her namesake. I have to admit, I'm seriously considering picking up a couple of these to make the wife and I's low-end mech semi option (The Anvil M98C is currently one, with a pretty nice old Tippmann ProCarbine for the other one), and only part of it is because the wife complains at the weight of our current mech semis.

One question for the gallery - think they'll ever offer a two-finger trigger for these beasts, or can an Ion/eNVy frame be altered to work on one? Yes, I know, it's not an electro and it can't be walked, but even my Tippmanns have double-finger triggers. That extra length for the trigger's fulcrum arm has always felt better to me. Or is it even needed for the eNMey?
Not needed, in my opinion. The pull on the eNMEy is so light and I am not even at the softest setting. I may actually make mine a little heavier to avoid partial presses.
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