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12/21 update!

Hey guys, its been a really fast week

Im chillin at the shop waitin for a customer to swing by and pick up his gun....
so time to start an update thread

Barrels Bored = 0
Clamping Feednecks Made/Pressed = 1
Feednecks Pressed in (counting above) = 2
Cocker Eye Covers =1 (broke it when i installed it)
Prototype Hostile Rogue Bolts = 3 (Nytralon, 360 Brass, 6061 Aluminum)
CNC Lathe Programs Written/Tested/Ran = 2
TiPx Barrels Threaded = 2

Left to do....
Broach 2-5 TPC's
Finish 2 halfblocks
Make another eye cover
Customer Freak Bores 2
SSC Freak Bores 10?
2 PA Builds
Plus whatevers shown up in the mail

Im gonna work another hour or two tonight...
Then be off until wed or thursday, when i'll put in another SSC day


btw lots of pics on SSCfb!
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