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That's debatable. Those Castle pics are cool bro. I've never seen it done up for Christmas. They always go to the tens for holidays.
Yeah, technology is a bit saturated now. But I'm loving the graphics enhancements that have been made for Xbox. My buddy Nick was just over watching us play BF3 and was amazed, he's playing black ops II on ps3.

Disney definitely has their **** together. Looking at it from a business operations standpoint it's down right incredible. My wife took the super secret tour of the Magic Kingdom underground tunnels of how they do the operations and I read a bit about them last night, the hallways are clean and oranganized, they have people on segways and golf carts, all their utilities are exposed for easy access, the walls are color coded for the 'land' that theyre in, they send all the garbage through these pipes with compressed air, the garbage travels at 60mph to the central facility. They have their own fire department, recycling center, water treatment plant, etc... Anamatronics and technology for the rides are awesome. I'm a huge nerd... But I would like to work in that environment for a little while to get some new ideas and up my standards a bit.
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