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Christmas come early.

My younger brother is amazing, he is building his computers and he decides he needs to upgrade so for my B-day/X-mas, he gives me his old PC. He wipes it and installs a fresh OS on it. Here is the awesome part, its liquid cooled with 500+cfm through the radiator up top, 16gb ram, 3.4gh processor, windows 7 64bit, duel solid state drives plus a nice 500gb drive, duel gtx 580 video cards and more...

Few months ago I did a basic hardware upgrade on my long time PC to a multi-core, not all that faster than the AMD3700+ I was using but it did run far cooler and could process.

Just an idea of how significant of an upgrade this is, I started about 6 years ago with a refurbished business computer for $100 off ebay. Tossed some extra ram and slightly faster processor I had laying around in it and later a cheap $30 video card. Few months ago got a very simple $100 TigerDirect barebones so I could have a processor that could multitask better and not heat the house at the same time.

Basically about $230 into the computer and it has served me well over the years, now my brother and his constant need to do something different for cooling, (last one being duel 550w thermo-electric coolers to transfer heat, new one being building a high power AC unit to cool the processor), his PC I helped him build that started about 4.5yrs ago, he gave that one to me . One of the video cards in it alone is about twice the price as my current computer has into it over the last 6yrs.

I guess that is the benefit to having a younger brother in the Navy who can't stop building his computers.
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