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I miss the "backplayer" net, with those fields that had the net in the back, that the back player could safely hide behind and yell out positions and commands

But anyways, very few players actually use the timers. Honestly, I think you'd get more use out of it if it was just a simple clock. I'd love to have a hopper or a gun, that just used a simple digital clock. It's extremely hard to find a watch, with a band large enough to fit over your arm, elbow pad and jersey.

I know for me, I never used the timer in my guns because it can lead to suspicion as to what you are doing. Are you trying to enable a cheater mode? Are you trying to change the dwell? Change the rate of fire? Tinkering around with your electronics as the game is about to start definitely raises eyebrows from the refs and the sidelines

Many guns still have timers on them, it seemed to be pretty important, especially with the NPPL. Some had vibration modules inside them as well, so when you got down to 30 seconds for instance, your frame would vibrate

The biggest thing, is that no one uses them, and they raise the price of the loader
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