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I haven't even been into paintball that long but I think the game is fine as is. When you mention paintball to someone on the street, they know what it is. They may not go often if at all, but they know what it is. I don't even know half the names of the "sports" in the Olympics.

The technology in paintball is moving along, people are still coming and going from the sport, and as much as I'd like to see more people feel the joy of running around marking folks in the face with a bright orange/green blob of goo... I kinda dread seeing more people in the sport. As the population grows, so does the percentage of douchenozzles simply because it's proportionate.

That said, there's places where the paintball community can fill some gaps or fix some issues. The whole "targeting kids" thing is huge for me, there's no reason for anyone to "punish" new players (however ditzy or young). If they're doing something wrong, tell them not to do it. Don't bonus ball them or bunker them.

I also agree with the electro/semi guns kinda screwin' things a bit. My first gun was an electro and I just didn't get it. I didn't get why you needed to sit there and slam the trigger as fast as possible to do anything. So I got my pump, and I FEEL the game now. I feel what paintball is like, I feel the motion of the games I play, I feel my marker and how it works, and I feel how I work as a player. I watch the PSP/NPPL videos sometimes and occasionally you'll see players make intelligent moves and decisions on the field, but for the most part they're sitting behind their bunker pulling the trigger and shutting down the lane in their LOS. That's not enjoyable to watch, and for me it's not enjoyable to play.

I don't know. The sport's not dying, but it could be better.

Just get a gun you like, for whatever pricepoint. Get some friends together. Go out to a field you like with layouts you enjoy and game types you have fun playing. Play. Enjoy. There's nothing else to it.
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