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Tippmann SMG 60 Package

Hey MCB,

I'm in need of some cash to fill my account back up before school. So I fixed up one of the SMG's I've got.

What I did;
Stripped, cleaned, and got it functioning flawlessly in Semi- and Full-Auto
Duracoat Matte Black Finish on the receiver, magazine, front sigth and hammer housing
CNC machined Delrin foregrip. It's bolted on so you can remove it if you choose.
Made a new 12 oz tank into an any direction siphoning tank
*Note: I pulled a slip on front sight from another SMG, since the front pin on this one was missing. It's cracked, but that's actually a good thing. You can leave it a slip fit if you want to put an original front pin back, or get it lined up just right for yourself and glue it in place.

What you get;
1 Cleaned up Tippmann SMG 60, standard barrel length
1 brand new Siphon Tank
20 stripper clips, 60 caliber
750 rounds of unopened PW Paintballs, 60 caliber


I'm asking $250 shipping and paypal included inside the United States. I'll ship international, but you will have to cover the difference in shipping charge.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
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