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Originally Posted by Patar View Post
Frankly, that's what I'm trying to avoid. Even in everyday life, I'm not going out of my way to feed the system and the economy. I don't splurge on nikes and fancy name brand commodities, I'm not going out finding the biggest brightest 4-D TV with special mind-powered remote controls, I'm not saving up to buy a mercedes...

and when it comes to paintball, I'm not gunna spend 1,000 bucks on an ego, hundreds on little plastic balls of water-based paint, hundreds on pants that are no different than the previous year's except for the zippers on the pockets.

I'm impressed by stuff like MCB. I'm impressed by the little bubbles of true stock class players. I'm impressed by outlaw fields like FreeEnterprise's Trails of Doom... that stuffs sweet. That's paintball the way it should be yknow. I like the smaller fields because they're faster paced, more eliminations, more games, more firefights. But that's the "arena" feel. That's what is most accessible to your general person looking to get into a sport.

I think that arena feel just snowballed, paintball got super competitive and sportsy. Paintball at it's most mainstream level is no different than any other sport. But that's the downside! I play paintball like I play other sports and games to HAVE FUN and get outside and do something. I don't play to get on a pro team and make money and get sponsored. I don't play to see what company is mass producing the most crap. The companies driving paintball are pushing to advertise it like it should be on espn, like there should be giant paintball coliseums and they should be sold out and fans should be shelling out their money for their favorite teams merchandise.

To some people that might be awesome, but that's not my thing. I don't have a problem with not supporting that.

I am glad you posted this. I have never played pump, but would like to try both for the skill difference and the wallet savings! I just recently bought a mech gun to try and shoot less paint. I'm not against a nice electro, but a little variety is nice. I have a thread about looking for a pump game in CT, it's winter now though, so maybe next time. I'm just not impressed with getting someone out with 15+ BPS.... I think one of the best things about paintball is the variety of play styles, from both the fields (woodsball, hyper, spool, speed) to the gun types (mech, electro, pump).. I just wish people would see AND appreciate all of the options.
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