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N64 game lot

Just went through all the games I've got and decided since I don't play these I'd sell them, I would prefer to sell them as one, parting will cost a little more, trades are welcome! Would like to trade for some sega genesis games possibly.

Donkey Kong 64 excellent cartridge condition! ( yellow edition )
Perfect Dark, excellent cartridge condition!
Star fox 64, cartridge has some writing and scuffs here and there, I'll get it cleaned.
Wave race 64, cartridge has scuffs, logo is a bit damaged.
Star wars shadows of the empire, cartridge had scuffs, writing and logo is a bit damaged.
Star wars rouge squadron, minor writing, I'll get it cleaned off.
Star wars fight for naboo, excellent condition!
Star wars pod racers, excellent condition!

Pm me for fastest reply, email me for pictures.

Price: $30 shipped.
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