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Question Picking an anno color

So given the cerakote debacle, I am trying to figure out what anno to go with with my Axe.

I am really not sure what I want to do with it now. To recall, this is what I had done to it:

Deadpool's Enchanted Axe of 28k doom!

The only difference is that it now has the Axe pro fore grip vs the stock.

I like dark colors but I am open to suggestions ie, color, theme, splashes, fades, the full gambit. My main "concern" is that I want the anno of choice to really help me "pop" the drop:

I just think it is really a goregeous custom pc that Andy did for me and I want to really do good by it.


I am open to all and any suggestions.

(Originally, I was going with a cerakote matte black with a purple accent parts)
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