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as a player who mostly plays pump, i do not agree with higher prices for one single demographic, distribute the costs on all players (walk-on and rentals). i think getting new players hooked is what needs to happen. below are some observations i have made over time.

-have better, lighter rentals (gog eNMEy or something similar) than using heavy, inaccurate, loud, kicky, and long Tippmann/BT markers. i hear that complaint very often from rental customers (men, women, and children).

-a field i go to (American Paintball Park) gives rentals a free new mask to use and keep. much better than using a scratched up lens/mask that is still dirty from the last user (hear this complaint from rentals).

-have fogging solution/liquid pre-applied to mask lenses, rather than having your customer experience a fogged up lens that can ruin their experience or cause them to lift their mask (seen this many times).

-have rentals shoot paint that mark well and breaks well. less pain endured by the customer. the cheapest grade field paint can be bouncy and not mark very well.

-maintained fields. field upkeep and cleanliness. nothing like starting your day by stepping on screws/nails, or having a bunker fall apart on you. bunker goo should really be cleaned off every once in a great while.

-reffing staff with professionalism. have them treat it like a real job instead of somewhere to just goof off.

-segregating players. keep rentals with rentals and seperate out the self-equipped groups. if not possible, loan out gravity feeds to self-equipped to even things up a little more. also, split groups up more evenly.

-JT Splatmaster. not sure how i feel about this, but it looks promising. i saw the 10-12 year old kids having a blast using these and not as afraid to get shot. my local field, extreme paintball, is experimenting with these with what looks like really positive results. this may be a better way of introducing the younger crowd to paintball.
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