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Small tau starter kit

Hey everyone, up for sale is all my remaining tau units ive had over the years.

Whats included:

1 Slightly used Tau Empire codex
1 xv8 battlesuit ( some painted parts, extra weapons and parts, model it built but not primed, arms have not been attached, nor have the weapons been attached, i just pressure fit them )
4 gun drones ( some are painted, some are not primed )
12 fire warriors ( all are painted, 7 are complete, 5 are missing limbs but limbs are included, but will need left arms as i do not have many of those )
10 fire warriors ( models are built but not primed )
1 xv 25 with fusion blaster ( model is built but not primed )
1 xv 15 ( model is primed )

Email me for pictures, Pm me for fastest reply.

Price: $40.00 shipped, mainly looking to sell.
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