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Originally Posted by Jaan View Post
When I made those mahogany wood pump and grip for my Phantom pistol, I posted pictures on day the thread was gone. I figured I must have hit preview instead of submit, so I posted the pictures again, and double checked to see that it worked. Not long after the second post was taken down. I mean, what the was a picture of custom parts I made for a Phantom, isn't that the point of a Phantom forum?

Meh. MCB is better (c:
When did this happen? Did you ever PM one the of the admins about this?

It was never a topic or problem that was brought up in the Admins section, and I can't understand why it would have been a problem anyway. We love to see people be creative. Perhaps it was moved to a more appropriate section like for photos or the DIY section?

It is very rare for a post to be deleted, and almost always it's because it's spam. Even most all "problem" threads are simply locked down, but not deleted.

I'm been an admin for the PHOG a long time, and can't for the life of me believe that your post was deleted if it was simply a review of some cool custom wood handles you made and wanted to show off.

There must be another reason. Doesn't make any sense to me either?
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