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Originally Posted by 4G010H3R0 View Post
Not quite as light as you guys I was 245 around June now im down to 175 +/-10. LOL I fluctuate by a lot but my caloric intake is around 3-4k a day. I also retain water very easily(lost 18 pounds in a 18 hours, dont ask me how).

you and me both. I only started running about 4-5 months ago. Right before it got cold I was at about 40-45 minutes for about 5-6 miles now im only going about 3-4 miles in. My throat/lungs starts to burn or I have to put a lot of layers on and I get "weighed down" and get super sweaty

Im not a huge fan of scarves in general and ski mask's just make me look like im running from a bank heist or something.
I feel your pain.
I'm a pretty short dude, so I'm not a fan of layers on top of layers. It gets pretty swampy while running and you'll hit a cool spot while coasting, it's awful.
We just got hit by a pretty wicked snow/ice followed by a defrost. I want to go running, but I'd hate to hit an ice patch and bite it. There are a few old timers who run around my neighborhood and they have massive parkas on. I don't understand it, but whatever. If it's around 40* or so, I run outside with underarmor leggings, longsleeve baselayer, normal compression on top, running longsleeve fleece jacket, and a Brooks running cap. I've chatted with some of my friends who are more hardcore into running and they have winter windbreakers and all this fun stuff. I can't justify a pricey winter jacket, let alone one for just running.

Guess I'll just hit the local Y, run the treadmills, and get sick while trying to watch TV.
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