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Originally Posted by Vitalsilence View Post
have you thought about getting a shotgun reamer that's .740 which is .001 over the freak sleave o.d. which would make it a slip fit.(tighter then what you got now cause your running about .005 over ) could even run a 23/32 drill (with the point ground to like 160-170* instead of 118*) first to help on the wear factor. just throwing out ideas i came up with when i thought of doing this. or even getting a reamer you ground to size like .742, i just saw one in a catalog of one of our suppliers. it would work for aluminum not so much for stainless.
When I originally thought about doing this I had considered that but I don't think their is any problem running just a little loose. plus I dont trust the od of the inserts to be 100% perfect every time and that little wiggle room seams to take care of that.
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