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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Hey Dan is that one of those Hogue wrap around front strap sleeve things. The ones that the panels go over the sides of? Does it fit Ok without that gap in the front everyone is complaining about?
It's part of the Pachmayr Signature grip. There is still a bit of space in there; due to the pinky shelf on the grip. It wouldn't allow the grips to be stretched back any more (actually, they are back as far as would look right anyways).

I ended up taking up the space with two pieces of tounge depressors/popsicle sticks. It comes out to roughly 1/8", which is a little too much (you can see the bulge it causes right below the trigger guard and right above the pinky shelf). I'll find something plastic to make the final piece, just so it stays water proof.
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