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Hammer 7 mods

I'm gonna use this thread to show some pics of my Hammer 7, and the stuff I have done to it. Simple enough.

I am also inviting anyone that has been tinkering with their Hammer 7 to please post up their mods and how-to's!!!

I'll start with some of the grip frame stuff. First up is the palm shelf.
I started by drilling a piece of MDF board in an asa drop pattern to mount the grip to the board. I then covered the area with metal duct tape, three pieces wide.

With the modified grips installed, I applied a strip of blue masking tape directly below the grips; butting the tape against the grip. I then removed the grips, and applied another piece of blue masking tape above the piece of tape previously installed; butting the edges. I then removed the first (bottom) piece of tape.
This established my fill line; and also gave me a reference for leveling the grip frame, using the top side of the blue tape.

I applied two strips of blue tape to gasket the bottom of the grip.

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