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Originally Posted by Zoo View Post
You both were lucky absolutely! How old did the worker appear to be? Sounds like he was not trained to properly handle a gun. "It's always loaded and works, until you yourself check it properly."
I would say around 50 years old hes been there as long as I can remember. I agree and I know this store and area and guns of any kind are rarely bought and sold. They dont even have pellet guns on display you have to order them so i imagine training in that area is nil.

Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
why in the hell did he not take to warehouse part of store to test it out. that would been the best spot to test it. that would been the best place to do it. also why not say something since what chance of him doing again. i worked for few remodels over the past 3 years and you find people just looking for job to have fun on. also it holiday season some people just look extra job or something get them by while they look for full time work.
As i was saying to Zoo he has been around forever and is a full time worker but they dont deal in this kind of product it had to be ordered by the stores online catalog. I agree with you fully on what and where he should have tested it and trust me by his reaction he will not be doing that again just too bad it was the hard way lesson and being the holidays I can forgive knowing that is was an accident that wont be repeated.

Edit: He even said "I should have done this in the backroom"

Originally Posted by Gascolator View Post
DashHopes has a nelspot that has internals that were polished by Chuck Norris, using only his beard to polish them.
That nelspot never needs lube, shoots 2,000 ball per second, never needs reloaded, doesn't require an air source and when the paintball hits somebody the result is the same as if Chuck Norris round house kicked them.
He nick named the gun Reggie.
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