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Originally Posted by RusskiX View Post
I am grateful that EMR gives us a location, lodging and a dedicated weekend, but EMR events are what we as the players make of it. I have also noticed over the last 5 Pandamonium events the decreasing amount of play time by the players in favor of socializing and libations on the bunkhouse deck.

As the Commandos slowly age, a lot go more for the social aspect rather than the physical game. But the alternative is to not attend, thereby making the choice easier for Blue to discontinue one of the few regular pump events. So if we the players want more "game" at the big game, it up to us to encourage, cajole and bribe more local folks in our own zip codes to come out and try pump paintball and a great venue. Be the change you want to be.
Agreed. The two times I went back to reload at Panda, people were sitting on the deck in the same spot both times. I guess that's everyone's own choice, but I'd rather play. A lot of people not playing = a lot of money field owner doesn't make, and sees little reason to continue said events.
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