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Originally Posted by Tugboater203 View Post
It's not dieing it's changing, just like it always has. All forms of paintball have their pros and cons, they're just relative to the players and the fields interests.

99BPS- we'll let you know when the next Gravity League event is. I'm an hour and a half from Red Hook and less from the Bronx, Queens and points North.
As I said earlier, I think I get the wrong impression from my few homes (all of which have a deadish pb scene compared to potential).

At the same time people have made really true and compelling points.

I regret using the term "save paintball" 100% as saving is not required. That much should have always been clear. Growing the sport in certain ways, as others have pointed out very well, is up to use as players.

But many have agreed that seeing more Pump/Stock class tourneys would be nice. I just wish the major companies saw real money in promoting pump/stock as an alternative instead of introduction to semi automatic paintball. Companies like CCM may see that, but the bigger companies, like KEE, make entry level pumps for a cheap reliable marker to get people into the sport. It would be nice to see them add mid-and-high level offerings as well. To show people that you can continue to improve without switching. This will happen as we demand it though. and i guess thats the point I like so much. It really is up to the players to decide what the sport becomes, and if the players start using more pump/stock class and entering local pump/stock tourneys the scene will grow.

My bad about bringing up a topic that has been talked about so often. But I learned ALOT and am very impressed. I've played for a long time, and while I love the sport have never lived close enough to a major PB center to make it my main hobby. Listening to people who play multiple times a week talk about the sport shows how little I truly know about PB outside of my little bubbles that I live in and between (BrooklynNY, my apartment, Mamaroneck NY(gfs apartment, Scarsdale ny, parents house and Burlington vt, my College).

Hows are the college leagues going? I know the UVM team I used to play with does not exist anymore. I know the St.Mikes team still exists but has not ever won again against Norwich (military school, they rock at PBall lol). Though I remember hearing MSU got rid of the team, as did U of M. Those are all the colligate programs I knew about, anyone have any good news on the college paintball front? (**** pro, college paintball would be where it was at!).
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