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DSG - 5th run


I have a DSG I bought in the 5th run. It shoots great, and is fun to shoot, but stock class isn't my style of play. This thing is pristine with under 500rnds through her. It has the external velocity adjuster, and is the 20rnd feed.

I made a new bolt, out of brass and Nylatron. New bolt increases air flow, and is smoother. Also has a releif on the face to help prevent chopping. (will come with the stock bolt too).

I also did a few slight refinements to it to. I used my flexhone to polish the breach. Doesn't remove any material just polishes the dust anno so the bolt has a smoother surface to slide on. I sanded and polished the inside of the pump handle that slides on the lower tube.

Does not come with the barrel. No barrel is incuded with this.


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