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Originally Posted by blackmagic71 View Post
I'm trying to decide. I really dig the milling and I've always wanted to try an angel, but then I'd have to dig up a charger somewhere and if something doesn't work on it I'd have no clue on how to fix it at this point.
Its the closest to new you are going to get. I can include a charger, I do have an extra, I just (like most angel collectors) have more guns than chargers. As far as fixing it if it breaks, honestly they rarely do, and when they do its almost always an o-ring or simple fix. I have have the same collection of guns (for the most part) for YEARS, and its been VERY easy to keep all~15 working. Worst case scenario fix my angel does great work with decent rates. Just let me know!

Things I am always looking for:

Element Angel LCD, Rocky LCD, Rocky Ir3', Eclipse LED, Angel V8, Adrenalin Feather LCD,

Entity, Kapp Flame, Tequila, Tequila Sunrise, Freeflow Lockout, Image Matrix, Freeflow Matrix
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