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If you read Thom Hogan's thoughts, you will probably agree that Nikon should not neglect DX. It accounts for twice the revenue in terms of volume as CX and FX combined. Nikon wants to be #1 in the camera business, which means not/not dropping any core product lines...much less their most profitable.

The issue is that Nikon has long neglected DX...especially in terms of lenses. No wide primes. No 70-200mm equivalent. The list goes on and on. Pricing is also abusive to anyone who wants to adopt DX as a system. It's annoying, actually...I'm on the verve of leaving Nikon for Canon over the lack of quality control (I had to purchase multiple times this year before getting a body of acceptable quality). I do think we'll see a D300 replacement--a D4 for DX. Some people want build and speed over an FX sensor.

State of Nikon DX in 2012
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