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CCI Phantom


1 - You pay, I ship period.
2 - Post here first then PM me.
3 - You pay shipping.
4 - I don't ship international. (to big of a hassle.)
5 - If we trade you ship first, you came to me.

Here is my CCI Phantom I have for sale, this marker is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. It is currently setup for open class, but I have the 10 round tube and 12 gram CO2 changer to convert to stock class. It will also come with the original pump kit. $275 I am interested in trades, pumps only.

I have upgraded it a bit so here is a list of upgrades.

- CCI Clamping Feed Neck
- CCI Clamping Feed Neck Vertical Mounting Adapter
- Rainman undercocking kit
- CCM Deluxe pump handle
- Bob Long CAM Drive ASA
- Dye Sticky Grips
- Empire Nano Dovetail Rail


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