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Need some advice for a different gun for my son.

My son currently has a stock 2k2 Autococker that he loves and a Synergy that he hates because it has it own behavior issues. I have fixed most of the kinks so far but he hates how loud it is and once in a while you have to re-cock the bolt manually. I have to get some more air to see if I fixed his by upping he reg and lowering the tension on the spring but he might want to get rid of it.

Between whatever funds he makes out of it and some x-mas money he will be looking for something else. His sister has an Ion so he doesn't want that. Other than that, what is a good fast electro gun under $100 used or new? He would like something that is 20+bps.

Edit: He would like something he can customize. Another thing he doesn't like about the Synergy.


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