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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
nice work.

Funny how your always a step ahead of me on the pump arm. I'm waiting for a rail to add to my pump arm. Hopefully i get it this week.
Did you order something special? Kinda wishing I had went with a longer rail to mount a bipod up front.

Anyone have experience with barrel mounted bipods? Does the offset weight cause loosening issues?

On another front, I picked up a can of Plasti-Dip; but will have to wait for warmer weather to spray.

Also, I sanded the pump to accept a 1" barrel. A 12" stick of 3/4" PVC wrapped with an 80 grit 6" sanding disk (sticky back paper) had it cleared in about 10 minutes. The super-barrel should be getting worked on soon. I'm giddy to show this one to you guys!!!
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