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If he can get to 150 you can pick up an 05 Ego, and those things are absolute beasts for that. You can grab an old Angel for around 125 or so, or cheaper if you get a project marker and a UTB or do the Rail board conversion. Parts are dirt cheap too, as are barrels. They also pack a good bang for the buck. If you want to go older and functional beasts, the older BKO or Bushmasters are also good options, as an old Impulse would be. If he likes big and jigsaw puzzle-y markers, Rainmakers also fit in that category, are very modify-able, although they are also most likely to have issues prior to reaching your door. If you can help him a little bit, I'd really go for an older Ego. It's the first marker I got for my little step-brother (he's 16), and that gun is just a workhorse. Really light, reliable, and easy to maintain, and easy for him to rip on in the event of needing to shoot himself out of trouble.
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