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SoCal Private Game - MatteeDay 1, Jungle Island 1/19/13

First MatteeDay of the year! Format is private game, run what you brung (please no ramping), DBAD rules in full effect. Oh, and aim for Stimpy!

The park's info: Click me!

Date: 1/19/13
Time: About 8:15ish
Meet up here: No image for Jungle; we just try to claim the first row of parking.

The Players:
1. matteekay
2. Festa
3. ScreamingCricket
4. Bored383
5. stimpy
6. woouulf
7. MatteeGuest #2 - AK
8. wolfen4054
9. Donut SD
10. danw39 (Groupon?)
11. Donut Guest #1 - Eclaire
12. woouulf Guueest
13. MatteeGuest #2 - AP
14. Ishmag
15. Whee McGee
16. Whyttrash
17. Taminator2000
18. Suma
19. James
20. BoredGuest #1
21. Stitch
22. river031403
23. FrankW
24. Donut Guest #2 - Bear Claw

- Jan
- BoredGuest #2
- Whee McGuest
- Bacci Paintball
- pk5

Post and I'll add you to the list.

I want to do payment/registration the same way we did it last time. Please bring exact cash for what you need. I'll collect everyone's payment and waivers and then pay for everyone at the same time so only I have to stand in line. As a reminder, costs are:

- Walkon Fee: $20
- All-Day Air: $10

If you want to use a credit card or buy paint you can come down to registration with me. Cool?

All MatteeDay players get 10% anything other than markers from Maxon Paintball. Just tell them you're on the "Matteekay List" and give them your MCB name. Check with me if you want to confirm you're on there and it works for online orders, too - just call the order in rather than placing it via the website.
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