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Initial Impressions:

The crawler prometheans piss me off. They're annoying and just a pain in the ***. Get four, five, or more of them on you at one time on Normal or higher and you're pretty much done.

SPARTAN Ops is fun. I'm 4 episodes in, and I like it so far.

The multiplayer is pretty great--I've only really played Slayer/Big Team Slayer and The Flood, but so far so good

Campaign storyline is good so far--I still have one or two missions left in the campaign. I do wish they'd make the campaigns longer--that's been a peeve of mine since Halo 3. Toooooo fast.

I like the new method of buying stuff.

I also like the little perks you can assign in the load-outs. The tactical packages and what-not are a nice touch.

Finally, I love that sprint is no longer an armor ability. You shouldn't have to "upgrade" your highly advanced multi-million/billion dollar armored fighting suit so that you can run. Come on, now.

I'm always looking for MCBers to play some Slayer or SWAT with. Hawkeye7696 is my gamertag.

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