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Exclamation FEB 9 & 10 - Viper's 'Texas Triple Threat' at Petty Paintball near Austin, TX

Okay we just approved our final commander!

Your commanders for the 2013 Texas Triple Threat at Petty Paintball in Austin Feb 9 & 10 are

Ray "Drunken Master" Harlan of the Hellions: Red Team starting in the West HQ
Matt "NPPL" Ramundoof team Dead Horse: Green Team starting in the North HQ
Ryan "Reaper" Chisolm: Blue Team starting in the East HQ

The Texas Triple Threat

• 26 Hours (Noon Sat til 2pm Sunday)
• Reinsertions every 20 minutes
• Three Sides (Not two sides with a third faction...but three full teams)
• Three fortresses
• Multi-mission packets every 30 minutes
• Hourly speedball matches for bonus points for your side

“The Texas Triple Threat” will be one of the most unique events we’ve ever produced. Three commanders will face off in a three-way slug fest. Yeah, I know…we were the first scenario company to produce a three-way event back in 2000 with 1000 players in Houston, so we’ve done it before. Sure we have, but this will be far more interesting.

The commanders and their armies will rotate bases at dinner, and again at breakfast, so they will play one-third of the game from each base.

Additionally, Petty Paintball is mostly wooded, with lots of great terrain and ravines. However, the scenario field doesn’t really have a central speedball area. However, to add a new twist, and provide that speedball fix that many of you love, the commanders will have hourly opportunities to earn chances to send squads to “The Grinder” (The many speedball fields) for quick speedball matches. Wins will earn bonus points for their side.

The Grinder:

At 1pm each commander will call in and "wager" one mission and send in one five-man team. They will play a round robin style tournament on the speedball fields. This continues each hour of the event.

(Randomly determined order)
Red vs Blue
Red vs Green
Blue vs Green

Center flag games
7 Minute time limit
+5 for first pull
+10 for the hang
+2 per enemy elimination
(Max = 25 points)
Expired time results in award of points scored during the seven minutes.

Only the winner receives points. A hang = a win. In the event of no hang the highest scoring team is the winner and keeps their score. Losing teams get zero.

1st place = Double points awarded for wagered mission
2nd place = Keep the points for the wagered mission
3rd place = No score for wagered mission

This repeats each hour. If only two teams show up then first and second are awarded as stated above. If only one team shows it's an automatic first place.

Anyone who just competed in the grinder must wait one hour before returning.

So you see, you must EARN the right to compete, the risk is up to the commander, and not showing sets the other side up for an easier bonus. If you think you're ahead gamble with little missions. If you are behind you can take a bigger risk change the way or the other.

There will be other twists as well that will make this an intense, fast-paced, and unique experience for everyone. More details will follow soon.

Game on!

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Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry
Event Director: Viper Paintball

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