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well I really enjoyed the recent incarnation of X-Force with Wolverine (guess its a couple years old now really), but still good. The Dark Angel storyline I found really enjoyable.

Watchmen is always a good read
Dark Empire Trilogy
Knights of the Old Republic was fun (yes I enjoy my star wars comics :P)
Crimson Empire was finally wrapped up, I'll be honest and say I think it finished on a bit of a low note, 1 and 2 was a lot better. Really was never a fan of the artists work.
Best Star Wars comic I can think of, (ok I'm going to list 2),
Boba Fett: Agent of Doom: One shot, Illustrated by Cam Kennedy (he did Dark Empire), same style, but the colouring is just so much more amazing than Dark Empire.

Tales of the Jedi: Redemption- Here is an oldie that I almost forgot about (just saw the issues as I was flipping through looking for Agent of Doom). It's a bit of wrap up to the whole Tales of the Jedi comics from many years ago. It catches up with the main characters 10 or so years after the Sith Wars. Gives a great sense of closure I think, artwork was really nice as well. I should try and find a tpb one day if I can.

Started collecting Richard Starks Parker by Darwyn Cooke, I'm enjoying the two tone simple illustrations in it. Very graphic and entertaining.

Also started picking up the tpb's of 100 Bullets, heard a lot of good stuff about it from guys at the store.

SkyDoll- French comic, found an english version from Marvel of the first tpb. I would buy the french version just for the art, but honestly I feel that half the reason to read a comic is for the story. I recommend it.

I love the character and idea of Ghost Rider..but I'll be damned if the whole story-line isn't so messed up they don't seem to know what they are doing anymore.

Jeez, my roommate had all sorts of good comics I enjoyed trying out.
Y- The last Man, great read.
Walking Dead (she had up till, tpb 13 I think?) it was up to date as of when I moved out last year.
Blacksad- Amazing watercolour artwork, anthropomorphic animals, main character (Blacksad) is detective set in post WWII 1950's, very film noire. I wish there was more to get my hands on.
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