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Well to make the situation more clear It snowed until well past midnight the night before and was gusting to 70kph so no way was i shovelling then and I'm already getting woken up at 6:00 by my kid and have to feed him and dress him and such and being a single parent I do it on my own. Also he came at 8:30 and given that it's Christmas break even for my dad from work nobody but me was even up when he arrived AND nobody else on the street had shovelled yet either. It wasn;t so much his comment but the way he came off about it as if he was so entitled when he hadn't even dressed properly. The reason I don't drive my own kid is simple because they (the people that supervise the visits) will not pay for gas or time for parents that do it BUT volunteer drivers at least get their gas paid for. Not to mention they schedule things in such a way that once you drop the kid off as a parent you might as well just stick around as by the time you go home it's time to turn around and pick the kid up. Like I said it was more the fact that he seemed to blame me that he got soaked and was out of breath when he's horribly overweight and wore shoes instead of boots. On the by law point I'm pretty sure a by law officer would have been lenient given the time of year and the time of day. Most people on Christmas vacation like to sleep in. BTW Jordan I didn't know he was coming nobody had told me when the visits would start after christmas so I was not expecting him either.
the guy is still saving you a ton of time and money at his own expense while being ill. he's definitely an idiot, but how bad do you think it looks when you mock online his asthma that he never asked to have? you wanna really get at him? tell him nobody else shoveled either and then ask him if he owns boots, then regardless of his answer offer if he wants you to buy him a cheap pair. he would either have to realize he could wear boots, or no longer blame you because you offered the best solution you could.
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