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Originally Posted by Rayodder View Post
This whole thing started with Chefdave gave what I think a very honest review of the barrel on SCP. I didn't feel it was all that negetive at all.

However the saint took the whole thing personally, in a laughable attempt to gave credibility to his statement, he created a second account on SCP, when the review thread was locked
It should read : "to give credibility to his statement", sorry, good grammar counts over here. What you allege here is the fabrication of the exalted members of SCP. In fact, the other ID's you refer to actually belong to real live human beings, and in what I can only describe as a mystifying coincidence, they happen to use those ID's as their on the field nom de gurre as well as their internet handles on multiple forum boards. Sorry to dispell the rumors to the contrary, but the truth tends to have that effect.

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