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the guy is still saving you a ton of time and money at his own expense while being ill. he's definitely an idiot, but how bad do you think it looks when you mock online his asthma that he never asked to have? you wanna really get at him? tell him nobody else shoveled either and then ask him if he owns boots, then regardless of his answer offer if he wants you to buy him a cheap pair. he would either have to realize he could wear boots, or no longer blame you because you offered the best solution you could.
Heinous, Canada: Aka The Great White North, The Land of Ice and Snow. If you live in Canada and are intelligent enough to operate a motor vehicle, then you should be able to understand what SNOW is, and that there are types of clothing suitable for such conditions.

The fact that he was a volunteer doesn't excuse him from being an idiot and not dressing properly for the season.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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